Fraud: The 15 Biggest Risks for 2013

(Excerpt from full article) by Gary Zeune, CPA, Managing Director, The Pros & The Cons Most risk is not in the accounting records. Why not? Because the vast majority of our work as CPAs involves monetizing and measuring activities that have already occurred. So the risk starts before we do our job. Think recording sales, … Continue reading

Excel-Based Dashboards

Excel-based dashboards are powerful and here to stay.  For many years, this was a bit of a dark art.  While there are some very clever tricks in creating dashboards in Excel, dashboards are not difficult to learn. Dashboards became popular a number of years ago.  George B. Blake is credited for realizing that long paper … Continue reading

Using LLCs for the Farm Operating Entity

Background We recognize that there are a great variety of structures and entities used for farming businesses. A common pattern is to retain the land in individual ownership, and lease that real estate to an entity that holds the operating assets (grain, livestock and machinery). If properly structured, the entity provides liability protection for the … Continue reading