Exhibit issued for AICPA audit guide Compilation and Review Engagements

In December 2009, the Accounting and Review Services Committee issued Statement on Standards for Accounting and Review Services No. 19, Compilation and Review Engagements, representing the most significant changes to the compilation and review literature since the issuance of SSARS No. 1, Compilation and Review of Financial Statements, in December 1978. SSARS No. 19 is … Continue reading

Success Beyond Public Accounting – Making the Transition of New Generation CPAs into Private Industry a Win-win Proposition

By William F. O’Brien, MBA, CPA Santa Clara University Executive Education, Inc. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of new jobs among accountants and auditors will increase by over 275 thousand in the next eight years.  A majority of these accountants will be newly minted CPAs entering public practice.  Within the first … Continue reading