Create an Experience for Your Clients

By Sue Thiemann Loyal clients can be an important driver of sustainable business growth.  Clients who are advocates can take your firm to the next level. They’re usually much less price-sensitive, can be nearly immune to competitive entreaties, and can become a powerful marketing arm, going out of their way to promote and defend your … Continue reading

The Entrepreneurial Accountant – Do Accountants Make Good Entrepreneurs?

Do accountants make good entrepreneurs?  I think if we polled the general public and the accounting population itself, overwhelmingly the answer would be no.  I eluded to the reason why, and the benefits of having an entrepreneurial mindset, in my last blog post. The world doesn’t view us as entrepreneurs, largely because we don’t view … Continue reading

A Quick Tax Planning Tip From Mark Soukup

Grab more child care credits for your clients!  If your client paid a caregiver to provide care for their child or other qualifying person so they could work, they may qualify for the child and dependent care credit.  The amount of employment-related expenses incurred during any taxable year shall not exceed $3,000 if there is … Continue reading