1031 Exchanges Apply to More than Real Estate

By Larry Jensen Whenever the phrase “1031 Exchange” comes up, most of us automatically think of exchanges of real estate since this is the most common type. However, 1031 exchanges are much broader than real estate and the Section 1031 rules apply to many different types of transactions described below. Like-Kind Real Estate. Qualifying “real … Continue reading

The Entrepreneurial Accountant

By Brian Amann A few years ago, I was talking to a tax accountant I was considering for a partner position with my tax firm.  I mentioned to him that I would be out of town for a few days on a retreat with a peer group that focused on entrepreneurial leadership and development.  He … Continue reading

Notes from a Second Year PhD Student

I thought it might be fun and useful to start a blog about my PhD education because, for several years, folks have started, ventured through and even achieved PhDs.  I would have liked to know some of trials, tribulations, triumphs, heart aches, joys, sorrows, frustrations, you name it – understanding that “everyone” who embarks on … Continue reading

Lien Release vs. Lien Withdrawal

By Brian Mahany Tax Liens. Our clients dread them. Many will say that the IRS or their state revenue department is an unresponsive large bureaucracy but boy do tax liens get people’s attention. During my term as state revenue commissioner in a northeastern state, I quickly learned that nothing got people’s attention faster than liens … Continue reading