Want to be a guest blogger?

Colorado Society of CPAs Guest Blogging Guidelines

Why should you blog for us?

By becoming a guest blogger for the COCPA you gain increased visibility for yourself and/or your company without having to go through the hassle and technical know-how to create and maintain your own personal blog. The COCPA already has a strong readership which continues to grow. By being a guest blogger, you are enhancing your credibility and getting your name out. We include a short bio and a link to your website, which helps to enhance your rankings in Google search engines, further enhancing your visibility. We also promote all blog posts via our website, to our 1,700 Twitter followers, and to our 500 Facebook fans.

The Numbers:

We average 50 hits per day  and have gotten nearly 25,000 visits overall since we started our blog two years ago.

What to Blog About:

Write about something you think other CPAs would want to read. We welcome posts specifically related to a certain aspect of the profession, new regulations, career transitions, studying for the CPA exam, or just something that interests you.


 Please include a photo and a brief bio telling us a little bit about yourself and what you do. You may include a link to more information about yourself, or link directly to your website.
• We ask that our bloggers make a commitment to submit a new post once every 2-3 months so that our readers become familiar with our new bloggers and can look forward to a new content.
• Try and keep posts between 500-700 words. If you go a little bit over, that’s OK.
• You may submit an image relevant to your blog post as its “featured image.” Make sure you give image credit if the image is not labeled for reuse. If you do not submit an image with your post, we may select one for you.
• Format your posts in a way that is highly readable. Organizing your points into lists or bullet points is a good idea.
• Do not use your blog posts to sell yourself, your services, or your company. Your writing should be interesting, informative, and relevant—not promotional.
• Have fun! Choose topics that you are interested in and knowledgeable about, and the rest will come naturally.

Contact: If you have questions about the COCPA blog, contact Caitlyn Major at cmajor@cocpa.org, 303-741-8609, or 800- 523-9082.

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