Making Ethics Count: Ethics, Risk, and Black Swans

Looking for a fresh ethics course?  Consider Making Ethics Count: Ethics, Risk, and Black Swans. Hear more about this course by clicking  here!

How Good Are You With Excel?

By: Will Fleenor, CPA, Ph.D. So you think you are pretty good with Excel. Have you ever had any formal Excel training? Or, are you self-taught? If you are self-taught, you are likely not as good as you think you are. Doubt that last statement, do you? How about a simple test? If you know … Continue reading

Today’s Paperless Office

By Thomas G. Stephens, Jr., CPA.CITP Moving Beyond Storing and Retrieving Documents While electronically storing and retrieving documents is the right first step on the path to the paperless office, in today’s environment it is only that—a first step. Organizations that are reaping the benefits of today’s paperless office and realizing the promised return on … Continue reading

Escaping E-mail Jail

By: Frank Sanitate President, Frank Sanitate Associates The most pervasive time management problem among professionals did not exist 15 years ago: e-mail jail. This, of course, includes texting, which many younger CPAs have as a natural part of their lifestyle.  Checking e-mail actually produces dopamine in the body, and it builds a craving for the … Continue reading

We’re All Ears! CSCPA wants to know…

We’re All Ears. We want to know what members are thinking. Every other week we will be asking a new question. What does the “New Normal” look like in your world? Post your responses for a chance to win a $20 gift card! This contest ends on May 23rd. Congrats to Victor Amaya, who won the … Continue reading