Fraud: The 15 Biggest Risks for 2013

(Excerpt from full article) by Gary Zeune, CPA, Managing Director, The Pros & The Cons Most risk is not in the accounting records. Why not? Because the vast majority of our work as CPAs involves monetizing and measuring activities that have already occurred. So the risk starts before we do our job. Think recording sales, … Continue reading

CPA-to-Lender Letters Still a Big Concern

With the number of mortgage applications increasing recently, CAMICO has been receiving more calls from CPAs regarding banks and other lenders pressuring them to render an opinion on the solvency of their clients. The pressure exerted on CPAs by lenders and loan brokers can be considerable. Many CPAs have been informed by brokers that their … Continue reading

Does the State Board of Accountancy Have Your Correct Address?

Soon, the Colorado State Board of Accountancy will mail 2009 CPA certificate renewal forms to all Colorado CPAs at their last known addresses.  So, if you’ve moved within the past two years, you need to notify the Board of your new address before the renewals are mailed.  An address change form is available on-line at … Continue reading