7 Tips to Stay Focused


By Sandra Wiley I believe most of us have days where we just cannot quite make ourselves stay “in the zone”. We find ourselves staring at the computer and all of a sudden “wake up” and realize that we have done nothing for several minutes. Or, we have a to do list that is quite … Continue reading

Time Management Under Stress

By Steven Nichols Building a time management system that can help you survive the busy season is essential to plowing ahead instead of being plowed under, but even the best systems may need some tweaks as deadlines draw near. Here are three tips for prioritizing and managing tasks when the hours are long, and the … Continue reading

Escaping E-mail Jail

By: Frank Sanitate President, Frank Sanitate Associates The most pervasive time management problem among professionals did not exist 15 years ago: e-mail jail. This, of course, includes texting, which many younger CPAs have as a natural part of their lifestyle.  Checking e-mail actually produces dopamine in the body, and it builds a craving for the … Continue reading