Update on the Colorado Department of Revenue – January 27, 2010

Many thanks to those of you who provided examples of issues you’ve encountered with the Colorado Department of Revenue. On January 12, CSCPA CEO Mary Medley and CSCPA member Bruce M. Nelson, also a tax instructor in the CSCPA CPE program, met with Colorado Department of Revenue Executive Director Roxy Huber, Deputy Director Tim Weber, … Continue reading

H&R Block Continues Ad Series

The AICPA and the Colorado Society share concerns about a new series of H&R Block ads using the term “certified tax professionals.” Earlier in the tax season, the AICPA was successful in persuading H&R Block to pull ads that promoted their tax services at the expense of CPAs and the CPA profession.

The AICPA contacted H&R Block about the latest ads and learned the company defines “certified tax professionals” as CPAs, tax attorneys, IRS enrolled agents, and tax specialty actuaries.