Colorado Department of Revenue Update on Computer Conversion and More

On June 14, CSCPA CEO Mary Medley met with Richard Giardini, Taxpayer Service Division Director with the Colorado Department of Revenue, to discuss the following, ongoing issues Colorado CPAs and their clients are experiencing in the processing of individual tax returns. Many of these issues are related to the Department’s conversion in fall, 2009, to … Continue reading

Attention Tax Professionals – Issues With Tax Returns

The following notice was released by the Colorado Department of Revenue. The Department of Revenue has noticed some issues with tax returns lately and we would like to remind you of ways to help you get your clients’ returns processed more efficiently. Taxes paid to another state: When e-filing returns with this type of information, … Continue reading

CPA-to-Lender Letters Still a Big Concern

With the number of mortgage applications increasing recently, CAMICO has been receiving more calls from CPAs regarding banks and other lenders pressuring them to render an opinion on the solvency of their clients. The pressure exerted on CPAs by lenders and loan brokers can be considerable. Many CPAs have been informed by brokers that their … Continue reading

Update on the Colorado Department of Revenue – January 27, 2010

Many thanks to those of you who provided examples of issues you’ve encountered with the Colorado Department of Revenue. On January 12, CSCPA CEO Mary Medley and CSCPA member Bruce M. Nelson, also a tax instructor in the CSCPA CPE program, met with Colorado Department of Revenue Executive Director Roxy Huber, Deputy Director Tim Weber, … Continue reading