7 Tips to Stay Focused


By Sandra Wiley I believe most of us have days where we just cannot quite make ourselves stay “in the zone”. We find ourselves staring at the computer and all of a sudden “wake up” and realize that we have done nothing for several minutes. Or, we have a to do list that is quite … Continue reading

How Good Are You With Excel?

By: Will Fleenor, CPA, Ph.D. So you think you are pretty good with Excel. Have you ever had any formal Excel training? Or, are you self-taught? If you are self-taught, you are likely not as good as you think you are. Doubt that last statement, do you? How about a simple test? If you know … Continue reading

Escaping E-mail Jail

By: Frank Sanitate President, Frank Sanitate Associates The most pervasive time management problem among professionals did not exist 15 years ago: e-mail jail. This, of course, includes texting, which many younger CPAs have as a natural part of their lifestyle.  Checking e-mail actually produces dopamine in the body, and it builds a craving for the … Continue reading