What’s the Difference Between a “Certified Public Accountant” and a “Public Accountant?”

Anyone can be an accountant—certified or public—but the qualifications, education, and scope of work is drastically different between the two. Public accountants If someone is good with numbers, can run QuickBooks or other bookkeeping software, or enjoys accounting in general, they can be an accountant. Public accountants, or people who work in the “accounting department” … Continue reading

IRS Released its Recommendations Regarding Tax Preparer Regulations

In general, the recommendations from the IRS, which will be phased in beginning with the 2011 filing season (not this year), are that: All preparers use a common identification number (a “PTIN” number) All preparers be subject to Circular 230 requirements An education requirement be implemented – CPAs would be exempt from this requirement An … Continue reading

Tax Preparer Registration May Not Be the Answer

Internal Revenue Commissioner Doug Shulman announced on June 4, 2009, in congressional testimony before the House Ways and Means Oversight Committee that the IRS plans to make recommendations by the end of the year to ensure that tax preparers adhere to high ethical standards. At the hearing on the tax filing season and 2010 IRS … Continue reading

IRS Reminds Small Tax-Exempt Organizations to File E-Postcards

In a news releases, the IRS has reminded small tax-exempt organizations whose tax year ends on December 31 to file their annual electronic informational return Form 990-N (also known as the e-Postcard) with the IRS by the May 15 deadline. The e-Postcard is a simple, Internet-based form that asks a few identifying questions about the … Continue reading

IRS Office of Appeals Hosting an Open House June 18

The IRS Office of Appeals has extended an invitation to its open house. On the program is an update on alternative dispute resolution programs, and a session on effectively representing your client in appeals. June 18, 2009 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Denver Appeals Office 1999 Broadway, Denver 2nd Floor Conference Room RSVP to deborah.rodgers@irs.gov … Continue reading