“The Times They Are A-Changin’”

Many may forget this song title by Bob Dylan, or even forget the artist, but probably no one would disagree that the business and economic world is changing at an even more rapid rate. The interesting thing is that he released his hit song under that title in 1964, but the lyrics are as true … Continue reading

What’s the Difference Between a “Certified Public Accountant” and a “Public Accountant?”

Anyone can be an accountant—certified or public—but the qualifications, education, and scope of work is drastically different between the two. Public accountants If someone is good with numbers, can run QuickBooks or other bookkeeping software, or enjoys accounting in general, they can be an accountant. Public accountants, or people who work in the “accounting department” … Continue reading

If you don’t pay attention, you’re going to be in trouble… Joann Cross is thinking about the near future

“Things are changing so fast, and life is so exciting. If you don’t pay attention, you’re going to be in trouble,” Joann Cross says. Cross is one of our highest-rated CPE instructors and when she speaks about teaching, it is easy to understand why. Although she holds a full-time position as professor of accounting at … Continue reading

Attention Newly Licensed CPAs

Newly licensed Colorado CPAs must complete a two-hour Colorado Rules & Regulations (CR&R) course within six months before or after initial of licensure. If you need to take this course, the CSCPA offers it online. (http://www.cocpa.org/continuing-education/OnlineSelfStudyPortal.html)

150-Hour Signed Into Law

On April 21, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, Jr. signed into law House Bill 10-1236 concerning the regulation of certified public accountants by the Colorado State Board of Accountancy. Effective July 1, 2010, the legislation continues the State Board to June 30, 2019, requires 150 hours of education for CPA candidates as of July 1, 2015, … Continue reading

Access this new HOT Topic video today

Have you been thinking about the future of your firm, succession planning, and grooming the next generation to become leaders? If you missed this year’s conference, Buying, Selling, Merging, Advancing, Retiring: Planning for You and Your CPE Firm’s Future, you now have the opportunity to watch the video and hear the experts discuss the following … Continue reading

IRS Released its Recommendations Regarding Tax Preparer Regulations

In general, the recommendations from the IRS, which will be phased in beginning with the 2011 filing season (not this year), are that: All preparers use a common identification number (a “PTIN” number) All preparers be subject to Circular 230 requirements An education requirement be implemented – CPAs would be exempt from this requirement An … Continue reading

Interview With Joanne Cook: Problem Solving, Cross Stitching, Always Assisting

Retirement is still a few years away, but when Colorado Society of  CPAs member Joanne Cook thinks about it, European travel and weekly golf games enter her mind. However, those thoughts are often followed by a couple of concerns. First of all, her retired husband, Bob, is a night owl. Joanne is not, so she … Continue reading