More Preparation Needed for Accounting’s Perfect Storm

Do Not Let Habitual Complacency Reduce Your Readiness By William F. O’Brien, MBA, CPA Executive Education, Inc. According to Wikipedia, a perfect storm is a rare combination of circumstances that drastically aggravates a situation.  While the storm’s intensity has somewhat abated, the accounting profession still is facing a storm which could significantly alter many company’s … Continue reading

How to Get More From Your Events

Events have long been an important part of many CPA firm marketing plans. They offer a great opportunity to meet and connect with prospects as well as to nurture existing client relationships. Here are 6 tips for getting more out of your events. Promote, Promote, Promote– I work with a lot of firms who are … Continue reading

Keeping Client Data Safe in an Increasingly Mobile World

By Michael Webb, Chief Technology Officer, SmartVault Mobile has become a way of life, and with the proliferation of advanced devices, it’s easier than ever to work on the go. SaaS-based applications in combination with mobile technologies enable you to deliver client documents while sitting at the airport, process a client’s payroll from home, and … Continue reading

3 Tips to Reach Your Audience with Email Marketing

Email is still one of the most effective marketing tools because it’s the only tool that allows you to push your message directly in front of the people who have asked for it. Once you’ve worked on building your permission-based email marketing lists, you’re ready to start delivering interesting and relevant email content to your … Continue reading

The Art of Balancing a Heavy Workload

Workload shifts and moves many different directions throughout a year. How do you handle those ups and downs that could be the differentiator between establishing yourself to go to the next level and drowning in your own to-dos? It you can start to envision the balance between you and your work, it may allow you … Continue reading

The “V” Word

A small word with a big business impact: Value. Merriam-Webster defines value as “a fair return in goods, services, or money for something exchanged.” Oxford states it is “the monetary worth of something.” In the business world, it is not the dictionary, but the customer, who defines value. No matter how wonderful the product or … Continue reading

What’s the Difference Between a “Certified Public Accountant” and a “Public Accountant?”

Anyone can be an accountant—certified or public—but the qualifications, education, and scope of work is drastically different between the two. Public accountants If someone is good with numbers, can run QuickBooks or other bookkeeping software, or enjoys accounting in general, they can be an accountant. Public accountants, or people who work in the “accounting department” … Continue reading

Accounting Scholars Development Program

The CSCPA, AICPA, and AICPA Foundation are pleased to announce the third community college summer residency program which will take place at the University of Denver June 24-28, 2012 The Accounting Scholars Development program invites community college students in the African-American, Hispanic or Native-American communities to participate in a five day college residency program where … Continue reading

Investment Opportunity Amid Tax Uncertainty

One investing rule of thumb says pay no tax before it is due. But the coming shift in tax rates, along with the uncertainty surrounding evolving tax law, may suggest that at least this year, the rule should be revisited. As painful as it may be, prepaying taxes in 2010 could potentially enhance the long-term … Continue reading