More Preparation Needed for Accounting’s Perfect Storm

Do Not Let Habitual Complacency Reduce Your Readiness By William F. O’Brien, MBA, CPA Executive Education, Inc. According to Wikipedia, a perfect storm is a rare combination of circumstances that drastically aggravates a situation.  While the storm’s intensity has somewhat abated, the accounting profession still is facing a storm which could significantly alter many company’s … Continue reading

Are Your Excel Spreadsheets Accurate? Are You Sure?

Introduction Microsoft Office Excel is a cornerstone tool for most business professionals. We use it for everything from financial reporting and analysis to budgeting and forecasting to tracking project statuses and all things in between, even including our Holiday shopping lists. Given our personal and professional dependence on this tool, maybe we should take a … Continue reading

How to Write an Irresistible Job Description

Competition for talent today is tough. If you have an open job position, you don’t just need a great job description, you need an irresistible one. Your job description is ultimately a sales piece that can make or break the viewers willingness to apply to your position. Here is how to make your job description … Continue reading

The Dollars and Sense Behind CPA Mobile Websites

By: Madison Miner As a CPA in Colorado you’ve probably noticed how attached your clients are to their mobile phones. Busy consumer and business clients rely on their phones to communicate and search for local businesses any spare moment they can find. Mobile phones are ingrained into our daily lives. And the rise in mobile … Continue reading

Remote Working: 4 Keys to Success

By Arianna Campbell, Boomer Consulting Almost two years ago when I found out that my family was relocating because of my husband’s job, I was extremely disappointed at the thought of leaving the Boomer Consulting team. I was thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to continue my current position from my new location. This … Continue reading

Align Marketing And Technology To Improve Your Firm

By Eric Benson Marketing and internal technology have, in the past, been two departments that were adversarial in many companies.  The gap was easy to define.  Marketing was full of art professionals who used feel to improve the image of the firm.  Technology was full of logic minded, security and data focused professionals that were … Continue reading

7 Tips to Stay Focused


By Sandra Wiley I believe most of us have days where we just cannot quite make ourselves stay “in the zone”. We find ourselves staring at the computer and all of a sudden “wake up” and realize that we have done nothing for several minutes. Or, we have a to do list that is quite … Continue reading

Take Time to Think

By Scott Morill Most of us have learned that there are measurable benefits in taking time for regular physical exercise.  Thinking is how you exercise your mind. In a typical day we use our minds for a number of repetitive thought processes as we communicate, solve problems, memorize and remember.  However, without a conscientious effort, … Continue reading

Don’t Let Your Website Hold Your Firm Back

By Jon Hubbard, Boomer Consulting, Inc. Over the past couple years, a lot of focus and attention has been given to the importance of social media.  We’ve setup firm and individual accounts on the “big three” (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), read articles and books about optimizing our social media strategies and even attended conferences dedicated … Continue reading

5 Traits to Being a Valuable Employee

There are many traits that employers are looking for to recruit and retain the most valuable employees.  We could talk for hours about these traits and how people can improve those traits in their own lives, however, due to time constraints I’ve decided to talk about the top five traits that Boomer Consulting, Inc. feels … Continue reading