“The Times They Are A-Changin’”

Many may forget this song title by Bob Dylan, or even forget the artist, but probably no one would disagree that the business and economic world is changing at an even more rapid rate. The interesting thing is that he released his hit song under that title in 1964, but the lyrics are as true today as they ever were. Social networking, outsourcing, globalization, cloud computing, and similar terms cause us to realize that the business platform is very different today from yesterday.

The interesting thing about this phenomenon is that some organizations seem to embrace this change and move more quickly than others. Other firms seem to lag behind, are slow to move, and often criticize what’s happening in the global organizational arena. The fast-moving organizations view risk differently, make decisions in different ways, and often have completely different systems that have made room for change.

We are in a state of flux today, between the new organization and the old organization. We have some of each around, and many others who seem to try to move from the old to the new.

In the long run, the new style organizations are more successful than the old ones. They work differently, have a different culture, move more quickly, and generally have happier employees. Thus, they are more successful. Are there exceptions? Certainly! In real world situations, one never uses the terms, always, or never. There are exceptions to the rules, but we are talking about the majority of the cases.

You can learn how to manage, lead, and thrive in the new style organization in The New Controllership: Keys to Boosting Corporate Performance on April 22 at the COCPA offices.

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