How to Get More From Your Events

Events have long been an important part of many CPA firm marketing plans. They offer a great opportunity to meet and connect with prospects as well as to nurture existing client relationships. Here are 6 tips for getting more out of your events.

  1. Promote, Promote, Promote– I work with a lot of firms who are sometimes afraid of getting too many people at their event. Let me tell you, very rarely do you hit capacity and when you do it’s a good thing because it creates demand. Plan to promote you event through multiple channels and people to get the word out. If it’s a really big event, consider some targeted advertising. LinkedIn offers sponsored updates and digital advertising opportunities.
  2. Social media is your friend– people today consume a lot of content. LinkedIn, twitter, facebook, even google plus are great channels to promote your event through. Using hashtags that cover your target market or audience will get you even more visibility.
  3. The frequency of your communications matter. Reminders that are spaced out have can have a big impact on registrations. For in person events plan to email or mail invites no less than a month in advance. For bigger events, like conferences or ½ day seminars, send them at least six weeks out or consider using a save the date card. For online events 2-4 weeks out with a couple well space reminders typically works well.
  4. Send post event communications. Follow-up messages after the event can be just as if not more impactful after the event. If you have people that registered, but that couldn’t make it, these communications give you an opportunity to connect with them.
  5. Record your event. Whether through audio or video, recording you event will give you the opportunity to share or repurpose the content. Audit and video can be transcribed and edited into podcasts, short video clips and even articles or blog posts.
  6. Follow up with a phone call. This is probably the most important tip of all. Whether you have 5, 20 or 100 people at your event, follow up is critical to converting an attendee into a sale. Partners should make a quick phone call simply thanking them for attending. Depending on the event, ask about their thoughts on the topic, ask if they have any additional questions or offer up another resource. Just get them talking. You aren’t selling, just discovering here.  Listen for a pain point or frustration and then offer to sit down with them to discuss it deeper. Email isn’t the same thing here.

Events will continue to be a powerful way to connect with prospects and when done strategically can give you an idea about where they might be in the buying process. What else have you done to take your events to the next level?

Sarah_JohnsonRanked by Accounting Today as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People, Sarah Johnson of Inovautus Consulting is an accounting marketing growth advisor. She helps Accounting firms identify and implement strategies to help them grow their firms and distinguish themselves in the marketplace. Connect with Sarah to learn more at 773-208-7170,, or

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